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Nghe An honors 30 typical enterprises and entrepreneurs in 2022

On the occasion of Vietnam Entrepreneurs' Day on October 13, this afternoon, October 12, the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) organized a Program to meet and honor typical enterprises and entrepreneurs in 2022.

Attending the Meeting were comrades: Thai Thanh Quy - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly Deputies, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Nguyen Van Thong – Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Nguyen Duc Trung - Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the PPC; Hoang Nghia Hieu – Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; comrades in the Provincial Standing Party Committee, leaders of the Provincial People's Council, the PPC; leader representatives of districts, cities, towns and more than 300 entrepreneurs representing the enteprise community, entrepreneurs in the province.


Overview of the Meeting

Meeting and honoring typical enterprises and entrepreneurs is an annual activity organized by Nghe An province to honor and recognize the positive contributions of enterprises and entrepreneurs in economic development - local society, and at the same time making a positive contribution to the development of the enterprise community of Nghe An province.


Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Duc Trung wishes enteprises and entrepreneurs always brave, succeed and developing

At the meeting, on behalf of provincial leaders, Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Duc Trung sent the best wishes to the entrepreneur team and enterprise community of the province; wished enterprises and entrepreneurs always brave, successful and developing, contributing more to the development of the province.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Thai Thanh Quy and Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Duc Trung present flowers to congratulate leaders of enterprise associations

Recently, Nghe An as well as other localities have faced many difficulties such as pandemic, abnormal weather, high prices of raw materials and fuel, which have negatively affect the production and business activities of enterprises and people's lives. However, with the attention and leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the direction and administration of the authorities at all levels, the solidarity, efforts, overcoming difficulties and challenges and the spirit of sharing and mutual support of people from all walks of life, the enterprise community, entrepreneurs, the process of socio-economic recovery and development has achieved some positive results.

Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Duc Trung informed entrepreneurs and enterprises some basic features about the socio-economic development situation of the province during the past time. Accordingly, the growth rate of GRDP is estimated at 9.23% (in the third quarter alone, it increased by 11.4%), exceeding the set scenario and higher than the same period in 2021. Budget revenue is estimated at 15,730 billion VND, equal to 105% of the estimate assigned by the Provincial People's Council, up 16.6% over the same period.


Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Thai Thanh Quy and Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Duc Trung present Certificates of merit and flowers to congratulate the collectives

Attracting non-budget direct investment has had many positive changes: Total newly granted and increased investment capital is more than 32,000 billion VND, up 41.22% over the same period, of which 83 projects have been newly granted with a total registered investment capital of nearly 19,000 billion VND. FDI attraction achieved good results with a total registered capital of more than 601 million USD, up 231% over the same period. Nghe An province is in the top 10 provinces attracting the largest FDI in the country.

The whole province has established 1,554 new enterprises, up 16.49% over the same period, with a total registered capital of nearly 10,000 billion VND; 686 enterprises returned to operation, up 14.71% over the same period. Currently, in the province, there are more than 14,000 enterprises operating, creating jobs for about 231,000 workers. The enterprise community has accompanied the government in social security. In 2022, enterprises have donated about 105 billion VND for social security.

On behalf of the provincial leaders, Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Duc Trung recognized, appreciated and praised the achievements of the enterprise community and entrepreneurs in the province during the past time.

Implementing the policy of the Party and the State, with the motto "Government accompanies enterprises", over the past years, Nghe An province has always considered "the success of enterprises is the success of the province, difficulties and obstacles of enterprises are the responsibility of the Party committees and authorities at all levels", implemented many synchronous solutions, focusing on reforming administrative procedures, promoting the application of information technology in management and administration; created conditions for infrastructure, land, premises, ensuring security, order, and property safety, etc.

Up to now, the province has more than 14,000 enterprises, ranked second in the North Central region, marking a rapid development in both quantity and quality. The structure, scale and field of operation have changed in accordance with the economic restructuring; efficiency and competitiveness have been improved. However, the majority of enterprises (more than 97%) are small in scale; there have not been many enterprises with breakthrough production and business strategies; there are not many enterprises and entrepreneurs reaching out to become big brands. Lack of capital, insurance debt, late payment of wages, inefficient production and business, and losses still exist in some enterprises, etc.

In the coming time, the Chairman of the PPC suggested that the Enterprise Associations and entrepreneurs must have aspiration to develop, build strategies and plans for production and business suitable to the characteristics and situation of enterprises and practical conditions. Innovating production and business models, restructuring enterprises associated with digital transformation.

Besides, enterprises need to build ethics and corporate culture. Strengthening linkages with enterprises in the province, with other local enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises in the province. Paying attention to policies and regimes, ensuring conditions for workers. Continuing to accompany the authorities at all levels in social security activities.

The Chairman of the PPC also suggested that enterprises and entrepreneurs boldly point out the shortcomings and problems in government agencies to help government agencies recognize and take measures to remove difficulties and obstacles to create a favorable environment for enterprises and entrepreneurs in the province to develop.

Enterprise associations need to promote their role in supporting member enterprises, especially promoting connection activities, helping enterprises overcome difficulties together and adapt to the new period.

The head of the PPC committed to always stand by and accompany the entrepreneur team, the enterprise community of the province in carrying out production and business activities, contributing to the development of the province. Continuing to focus on improving the investment environment; synchronously deploying solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the government apparatus at all levels to help and support enterprises.

At the same time, the Chairman of the PPC requested the departments, branches and localities to thoroughly understand and support enterprises, accompanying enterprises under the motto "difficulties of enterprises for the authorities, departments and branches to solve, not to explain”; continue to implement the motto "actively listening, understanding difficulties and enthusiastically helping enterprises".

The Chairman of the PPC believed that the enterprise community of the province will continue to promote its achievements, overcome difficulties and challenges, and make worthy contributions to the socio-economic development, bringing Nghe An to develop rapidly and sustainably, soon becoming a good province of the Northern region.

At the Meeting, the Chairman presented Certificates of Merit to 20 outstanding enterprises and 10 outstanding entrepreneurs.


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