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Provincial People's Committee works with Carlsberg Vietnam Company

On the morning of November 30, the Provincial People's Committee (PPC) had a meeting with Carlsberg Company to evaluate the coordination during the past time and deploy the coordination task in the coming time.

Attending the meeting, on behalf of Carlsberg Company, there were Mr. Onon Rombouts - General Director of Carlsberg Vietnam.

On the side of Nghe An province, there were Mr. Bui Dinh Long - Provincial Member, Vice Chairman of the PPC; representatives of leaders of departments, committees and branches.


Overview of the meeting

Over the years, Carlsberg Vietnam has continuously cooperated with the authorities and relevant agencies in Nghe An to support the community through many meaningful cultural - sports - social activities, support the poor, disadvantaged families and provide clean water for people in rural and mountainous areas.

Carlsberg Vietnam has collaborated with Nghe An Radio - Television Station to produce the program "Bridge of Kindness" and provide financial support to disadvantaged people; coordinate with the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee to give Tet gifts to poor households. Besides, Carlsberg has implemented the Project "Bringing clean water for the love of the Central region"; Up to now, there have been 03 clean water projects implemented in Nghe An province.

Carlsberg Vietnam also cooperated with Vinh City People's Committee to organize the City-level Movement Football Tournament, attracting the enthusiastic participation of football fans; coordinated to organize Huda beach soccer tournament at Cua Lo beach.

In 2023, Carlsberg Vietnam will continue to support the Bridge of Kindness Program; provide financial support for subjects/families with difficult circumstances in the province. Implementing a project to provide clean water to people in some communes in Nghe An province. Organizing Nghe An provincial movement football tournament; building check-in points at pedestrian streets; organizing Huda beach soccer tournament. Welcoming 2023, Carlsberg Vietnam intends to hold a Tet event in the province.

At the meeting, representatives of Carlsberg Vietnam and leaders of departments, committees and branches discussed to add more coordination activities between Carlsberg Vietnam and Nghe An province.


Mr. Onon Rombouts – General Director of Carlsberg Vietnam speaks

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Onon Rombouts - General Director of Carlsberg Vietnam sincerely thanked Nghe An province for the attention and support, and the active cooperation of relevant agencies in organizing and implementing activities in the province. Mr. Onon Rombouts hoped that in the coming time, Nghe An province would continue to create favorable conditions for Carlsberg Vietnam to coordinate with partners in the province to complete the above-mentioned projects, as well as future projects.


Vice Chairman of the PPC Bui Dinh Long speaks

At the meeting, Vice Chairman of the PPC Bui Dinh Long congratulated and highly appreciated the results of the Company's activities, and affirmed that Nghe An province will continue to create favorable conditions for the company's production, business and charity activities in the province. The Vice Chairman of the PPC hoped that in the coming time, there will be better cooperation in all fields.