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Continuing to strictly and effectively implement the Central Government's directive on fighting against IUU fishing

Mr. Nguyen Van De - Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee (PPC) directed the province at the meeting of the Provincial Steering Committee on fighting against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing as stated in Notice No. 89/TB-UBND dated February 20, 2023.

To remove the IUU “Yellow card” of the European Commission on IUU fishing combat  and well prepare the working contents with the 4th European Commission Inspection Delegation, Vice President of PPC Nguyen Van De asked members of Provincial IUU Steering Committee, relevant departments and branches; People's Committees of districts, cities, towns and coastal communes and wards continue to seriously and effectively implement the directives of the Permanent Member of the Secretariat, the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on fighting IUU fishing.

Specifically, Vice Chairman of the PPC Nguyen Van De asked members of the Provincial Steering Committee to combat IUU fishing to direct and urge departments, sectors and localities to focus on implementing tasks and measures against IUU fishing. Timely propose the PPC the necessary conditions for the synchronous and smooth implementation of tasks and measures according to the actual situation, ensuring the effective deployment of the IUU fishing combat in the province. Regularly watch and investigate the results in the locality; promptly propose a form of reward for organizations and individuals that make efforts to remove EC’s “yellow card” warning on Vietnamese seafood, and detect and strictly handle organizations and individuals that do not strictly follow the directions of the Government and the Prime Minister in against IUU fishing.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development allocates personnel on duty around the clock to operate the system of tracking and monitoring fishing vessels operating at sea; and coordinate with the provincial Border Guard Command, and People's Committees of coastal districts and towns to verify and handle ships that cross the sea border and stay unconnected to the monitoring system. Directing the the management boards of ports and interdisciplinary working groups to seriously perform the task of inspecting and controlling vessels entering and leaving the port; monitoring exploitation output from fishing. Review and consolidate records of inspection and control of vessels entering and leaving the port, monitoring the exploitation output unloading through the port to ensure accuracy and easy check. Strictly punish ship owners of violating ones.

At once, coordinate with the Provincial Border Guard Command to increase the effective deployment of inspection, examination and control activities in fishing; well perform inspection and supervision of vessels entering and leaving rivulets and ports. Directing the Sub-Department of Fisheries to enhance patrols, inspection and control of fishing activities in Nghe An waters, especially establishing interdisciplinary working groups to check and handle violations of IUU fishing, combined with propaganda for vessel owners or captains about IUU fishing.

The Provincial Border Guard Command shall coordinate with relevant departments, sectors and localities to serious deploy the propaganda, law dissemination and education, for fishermen to consent, comply with the law, not violate IUU fishing; especially ships violate the illegal exploitation of foreign waters, staying unconnected to the monitoring system. Directing the Border Guard Stations of the coastlines chair and coordinate with the interdisciplinary working groups and ports to strictly inspect and control vessels entering and leaving the ports; do not allow vessels to leave for exploration without ensuring the conditions as prescribed, especially for vessels without signal of the monitoring system. Seriously control the activities of vessels, strengthen inspection and supervision to promptly detect, handle and terminate the situation of vessels violating fishing in foreign waters.

The provincial Police Department is assigned to direct units and localities to keep a close watch on the situation, investigate, promptly detect and strictly handle organizations and individuals that that help fishing boats and fishermen conduct illegal fishing in foreign waters; acts of illegally producing, trading, storing, transporting and using explosives, electric pulses and toxic substances for fishing; coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to promptly report and propose measures.

The People's Committees of coastal districts, towns, communes and wards have well implemented propaganda of vessel owners or captains to strictly observe the Fisheries Law 2017, regulations on IUU fishing; ensure that fishermen and related organizations clearly understand, and properly deploy. Especially propaganda about vessels violating foreign waters, the penalty framework for violations of foreign waters, vessels stay unconnected to the monitoring system for more than 10 days to people know and not be passive if handled. In the coming time, after propagate and disseminate widely, if there is still a situation of vessels violating foreign waters, they will be strictly handled according to regulations.

Local authorities of district and commune are responsible for monitoring and supervising vessels that have not been installed with the monitoring system, not yet registered, or licensed; urge fishermen to urgently complete the installation of monitoring equipment for vessels according to regulations

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