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Nghe An is home to the great President Ho Chi Minh - world cultural celebrity. Located in the center of the North Central region, on the North - South and East - West exchanges, Nghe An fully converges the roads: railway, air, sea and inland waterways; It is a bridge connecting the North and South regions and a gateway to the East Sea of Central Laos and Northeastern Thailand through Cua Lo port.
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Question: Where shall first-time foreign investors whose business registration and investment projects apply for issuance of investment certificate in different provinces of Vietnam ?
Answer: First-time foreign investors investing in Vietnam must have their investment projects. The Investment Certificate shall concurrently be the Business Registration Certificate. The local authority where the project is located shall grant Investment Certificate to the investors. Hence, investors shall register for the issuance of Investment Certificate in the locality where their first project is located.
Question: Which incentives shall be applied to an investment project in the case that the project is entitled to incentives in accordance with both the Law on Investment and other laws?
Answer: The investment project shall be entitled to the highest incentive of only one law.
Question: Shall foreign investors be entitled to doing business in hotel and restaurant services in Vietnam?
Answer: According to the commitment of Vietnam as a member of WTO, foreign investors shall be entitled to establish joint-ventures with foreign capital contribution accounting for the majority or 100% foreign owned capital companies to supply hotel and restaurant services. However, the services provided must be in parallel with investment in hotel construction, renovation, restoration or acquisition. Since 2015, no limitations shall be available.

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Video introducing Nghe An province
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map of nghe an province,viet nam
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