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Nghe An is the native land of President Ho Chi Minh, the world cultural celebrity. Located in the heart of North Central Vietnam and the North – South and East - West routes, Nghe An is the hub of various transportation networks, including roadways, railways, airways, seaways and domestic water lines. It is the bridge between the North and the South and an important gateway to the East Sea for the Central Laos and the North Eastern Thailand via Cua Lo seaport.

Nghe An has 21 district-level administrative units, of which the first grade city of Vinh is the economic centre of the province as well as the North Central Region. As the country’s largest province with a land area of 16.500 km2, Nghe An has diversified topography with seas, plains, midlands and mountains, possessing abundant natural resources, large area of forests with wide coverage, long coastlines and large sea surface.Thus, it has great potentials for developing production and processing industry, trade economy, and marine tourist services. In addition, the 3.1 million inhabitant province is well-known for its tradition of diligence, creativeness, and fondness for learning. It is the educational and training centre of the North Central Region, which provides qualified and skillful human resources for investment and development. It is also a big market for trade and services.

With the open policy and international economic integration of Vietnam, Nghe An has achieved significant and comprehensive socio-economic development in recent years. The economic structure has been dynamically transformed. With its potentials, advantages, preferential policies and support for investment, Nghe An has attracted many big projects from domestic and foreign investors. The quantity, scale and quality of investment projects have rapidly increased. More and more large-scale businesses have successful investment and operation in the province.

Nghe An has numerous good potentials for robust economic development. Along with such potentialities, Nghe An will continue its effort to improve the investment and business environment to deserve as an attractive, reliable, and effective destination for investors. The success of many businesses and investors in the province over the period is the vivid evidence and the driving force for the business community and investors to put their investment in Nghe An.

We always salute, welcome, and accompany you to Nghe An for your effective and sustainable investment and business operation.

Thai Thanh Quy

Chairman of Nghe An
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