Comparative Advantages of Nghe An Province

1- Strategic location:

Nghe An is located in the heart of the North Central Region, on North - South and East - West route. It shares 419 km border with Laos to the West and has 4 border gates. Vinh is a grade 1 city, which is the economic, cultural centre of the province and the North Central Region.

2. Abundant natural resources

The 16,493,866 km2 province of Nghe An, the largest in Vietnam, has a diversified topography with seas, plains, mountains rich in natural mineral resources, large forests, long coast lines, large sea areas, hence a big potential for development of processing industry, forest and sea - based economy.

3- Synchronized infrastructure and services for investment support:

Nghe An is among the few provinces with a varied traffic infrastructure system, including roadways, railways, airways (Vinh Airport) and seaways (Cua Lo and Đong Hoi seaport). Vinh Airport is the major one in the North Central Region. The power grid, water supply, post and telecommunication services, finance, banking, education and training schools, health care centers are available to meet the demand of all people and enterprises. The infrastructure for tourists and recreational activities has been invested and upgraded.

4- Plenty of qualified human resources:

The nation’s fourth largest province of Nghe An with a population of over 3 million is famous for its studious, hard working, and creative residents. It is home to 5 universities and 11 colleges, which provide education for over 35 thousand students. It is an educational and training centre for North Central Region and the country, providing sufficient qualified human resources for investment, development and is a large market for all goods, services.
The total number of human resources consists of over 1.7 million laborers, of which professionally-educated people account for 42%, skill - trained workers account for 32%.

5- Plentiful tourist potentials:

Nghe An is the native land of president Ho Chi Minh – the world cultural Celebrity, starting point of “Legacy Route of Central Region”, with numerous beautiful beaches. The biosphere preservation in the West of Nghe An has many primary forests and attractive ecological areas. Nghe An is a charming destination for domestic and international tourists.

6-  Dynamic economic development and stable political security

In recent years, Nghe An has experienced robust and sustainable economic development with an average GDP growth rate of 10,5% (higher than the nation’s average rate). Its budget revenue has topped the North Central Region for many years. The stable political and social security is is an ideal condition for investment and tourism attraction.

7- Open and flexible policies for investment attraction

Together with its potential advantages, Nghe An has made efforts to improve the environment for investment and business. The province has effectively practiced the slogan "The authority goes together with enterprises" by organizing direct dialogues between the authority and companies to solve problems and difficulties for the investors, positively implementing administrative reform and granting preferential policies for investment incentives and support in the proper manner, providing all favorable conditions for enterprises to study and seek for investment opportunities, and to carry out their investment projects effectively in the province.

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