Agricultural hightech zones; economic zones, industrial zones and industrial clusters

1. Phu Quy Agricultural High-tech Zone

Phu Quy Agricultural high-tech zone (AHZ) has been approved for development plan until 2020 by Nghe An PPC at the Decision N0 3874/QD-UBND.NN dated 31/8/2010 as follows:

a) Location: Phu Quy Agricultural high-tech zone stretches along the area of the 57 communes of following districts: Nghia Dan, Quy Hop, Tan Ky and Thai Hoa town.

Phu Quy zone has a natural land area of 145,897 ha of which Thai Hoa town occupies 13,519 ha, Nghia Dan: 61,785 ha, Quy Hop: 30,314 ha, Tan Ky: 40,278 ha.

b) Objectives of master plan:

* General goals

Development of Phu Quy Agricultural high-tech zone is to maximize the potential of agricultural production in the area. Agricultural production in Nghe An is gradually transferred to application of high technology for high productivity, quality, effectiveness, safety and environmental protection.

It is obvious that the success in application of agricultural high technology requires the participation and investment of businesses for final products; these businesses and participants shall be supported with mechanism and policies issued by the provincial authority.

It is necessary to propose the participants, scales, locations and technology for processing agricultural products in line with high-tech process in the area.

The approved master plan shall be the basis for businesses, investors to study and launch their investment in potential sectors.

* Specific objectives and missions

- Period 2011 – 2015:

+ Agricultural, forestry and fishery production by application of high-tech for productivity, quality and effectiveness: rubber: 5000 ha, coffee: 1500 ha, orange: 1000 ha, sugar cane: 10000 ha, grass: 7000 ha; vegetables, nuts, fruit: 520 ha; Olive trees: 1376 ha; hong and tek trees: 2984 ha; trees for MDF wood raw material: 5644 ha; construction of a fish breeding farm, a pet fish farm and 50 various fish farming cages in Song Sao and Khe Da lakes; development of  23,000 milk cows.

+ There are 3 to 4 businesses investing to produce various raw materials for processing industry which shall apply agricultural high-tech according to the standard.

+ Construction of high-tech application premises to study, select, survey, produce various varieties of sugar, rubber, oranges, coffee with high standard for production. They are the demonstration models of agricultural high-tech production for farmers to study and share experience.

- Period 2016 – 2020:

To complete mechanism and policies for high-tech application and investment in infrastructure for production and services to attract businesses to invest with the following targets:

+ Targeted plans


Type of plants/ raw materials


Percentage of area for high-tech application







1000 ha



Sugar canes

6000 ha



Vegetables, nuts, fruits

800 ha



Olive trees

2250 ha



Hong, tek trees

10928 ha



MDF wood raw material

6232 ha



+ Businesses wishing to have investment in agricultural production in the area shall apply agricultural high-tech process: 100% of businesses.

2. Southeast Nghe An Economic Zone (EZ)


- Location: The Southeast Nghe An EZ, which was established under decision of the Prime Minister, enjoys a special policy for investment incentives issued by the Central Government. Nghe An People’s Committee is calling for businesses to launch their projects in the EZ. The 18,826.47- hectare zone stretches across the 18 communes of Nigh Loc, Dien Chau districts and Cua Lo town.

- Dong Nam Nghe An EZ is divided into 2 main functional areas: non-tariff zone and tariff zone. i) Non-tariff zone: connected to Cua Lo seaport; with an area of 650 ha, including 4 main areas: free port, trade and services, processing for export, bonded warehouse. ii) tariff zone: is the entire zone located outside the non-tariff zone. There are main functional areas in tariff zone such as: industrial zones (Tho Loc with 1300 ha, enlarged Nam Cam with 1500 ha), port and logistic service area, civil areas, urban areas (4 sections), tourist areas, vocational training centres.

- Major development targets: to construct and develop the EZ into an economic zone of multi-sectorial and multi-functional industries. This is the major urban centre with civilized and advanced architecture for development of Nghe An province; to be a center for important development, transaction business center - industry - tourism - commerce - major seaport of North Central with a synchronized and modern infrastructure system.

- Policies for investment incentives include following special policies:

+ Newly established businesses shall enjoy corporate income tax of 10% per year for 15 years. Corporate income tax is exempted for a period of four (04) years since taxable income and is reduced by 50% for the consequent nine (09) years.

+ High-income people working in the EZ shall enjoy 50% income tax reduction. Hi-tech projects in consistence with the provision of the Government of Vietnam, investment projects for construction and operation of infrastructure of non-tariff zone pay the taxation rate of 10% throughout the operating period. 

+ Exemption for import taxes of imported goods to create fixed assets, including: equipment, machines, special transport means; raw materials, supplies to produce equipment, machines in the technology line and building materials which can not be domestically produced, etc; exemption for import tax for five (05) years since the commencement of production, applicable to materials, supplies, components (cannot be domestically manufactured in standardized manner) which can only be imported to produce for projects.  

+ Exemption for land lease is applied to projects under especially encouraged investment sectors issued by the Government;  fifteen year exemption for lease of original land (for projects under encouraged investment sectors), eleven (11) years with other investment projects as of starting operation for investment project launched in functional area of which physical infrastructure has not yet been constructed, etc.

3. Industrial Zones

3.1. Northern Vinh  industrial zone:

- Location: in the South of Dang Thai Mai road, Hung Dong commune, Vinh city, Nghe An province.

- Area: 60 ha;

- Situation: 100% of area occupied.

3.2. Hoang Mai 1 industrial zone:

- Location: Located along national road 1A, 10 km south of Nghi Son seaport, 80 km north of Vinh city, 1 km from Hoang Mai rail station, 7 km from Dong Hoi port and 75 km from Cua Lo deep seaport.

- Area: 286 ha;

- Technical  infrastructure:

+ Internal road system, central road 43 km, main road 22,25 km.

+ Electricity supply: 2 transformers 110/22 KV (35KV) with cacacity of each station 4 x 62 MW.

+ Water supply plant with capacity of 50,000 m3/ day.

+ Waste water treatment with capacity of 25,000 m3/ day.

3.3. Dong Hoi industrial zone:

- Geographical location: located in the north of Quynh Luu, at Quynh Lap and Quynh Loc communes, about 20 km north of Cau Giat town, 1 km from Hoang Mai railway station, next to Nghi Son – Thanh Hoa deep seaport, 5 km to the east of the national road 1A and North - South railway, 80 km north of Vinh airport and 75 km from Cua Lo deep seaport.

- Area:  1,436 ha

- Situation: Technical infrastructure is being constructed and will be completed in December 2012

- Function: multi-sectorial industrial zone such as: thermo-electricity, supportive industry for thermo-electricity, cement, ship building; production of cables, nets, fishing tools, processing cooking flavour, mechanical repair …

3.4. Planned industrial zones:

Planned industrial zones: (Now calling for investment and operation of physical infrastructure of IZs) including:

- Hoang Mai II IZ (314 ha in Hoang Mai Town);

- Tan Ky IZ (600 ha in Tan Ky District);

- Nghia Dan IZ (675 ha in Nghia Dan District);

- Song Dinh IZ (301 ha in Quy Hop District);

- Tri Le IZ (200 ha in Anh Son District);

- Tho Loc IZ (1300 ha in Dong Nam EZ).

4. Industrial Clusters (ICs)

So far, 14 ICs with an area of 185 ha have been put into operation including: Dong Vinh, Nghi Phu (Vinh City), Dien Hong (Dien Chau District), Truong Thach (Nghi Loc), Chau Quang, Thung Khuoc (Quy Hop District), Do Luong and Anh Son ICs, Nam Giang (Nam Dan), Quynh Hong (Quynh Luu); 10 ICs with an area of 212.5 ha are under process of infrastructure development: Hung Dong (Vinh City); Nghia Dung, Nghia Hoan, Dong Van (Tan Ky District); Lac Son (Do Luong); Quy Chau (Quy Chau); Nghia Long (Nghia Dan District), Thach Giam (Tuong Duong); Bong Khe (Con Cuong); Nam Thai, Dong Man (Nam Dan); and 7 ICs with area of 100.28 ha have been approved for planning details, including: Dong Tro (Nghi Loc); Na khuu (Que Phong District); Hung Tay (Hung Nguyen); Thanh Ngoc (Thanh Chuong); Chieu Luu (Ky Son). Nghe An plans to establish 43 ICs in the province by 2020.

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