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Number Issue date Descriptions Download
32/2011/TT-BKHCN 15/11/2011 Circular no. 32/2011/TT-BKHCN on criteria for determining hi-tech application projects and investment projects on hi-tech product manufacture, and evaluation of dossiers of application for certificates of hi-tech application activities, new enterpris Download
69/2010/QD-TTg 03/11/2010 Decision no. 69/2010/QD-TTg specifying the competence, order and procedures for recognizing hi-tech agricultural enterprises Download
55/2010/QD-TTg 10/10/2010 Decision no. 55/2010/QD-TTg on the competence, order and procedures for certifying organizations and individuals carrying out hi-tech application or research and development operations and recognizing hi-tech enterprises Download
49/2010/QD-TTg 19/07/2010 Decision no. 49/2010/QD-TTg approving the list of high technologies prioritized for development investment and the list of hi-tech products eligible for development promotion Download
No. 21/2008/QH12 13/11/2008 Law on high technologies Download
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