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Nearly 100 OCOP products of Nghe An participate in Festival in Son La

The OCOP Vietnam Fruit and Product Festival 2022 is taking place from May 28 to June 01 at Tay Bac Square, Son La City, Son La Province. Nghe An has 4 participating booths.


The product display booth of Nghe An province is illuminated by nearly 100 bamboo and rattan lamps.

The festival has a scale of 500 booths divided into areas: "Vietnamese agricultural products and OCOP products - reaching out to the world"; Exhibition "Vietnam's agricultural development achievements"; Exhibition "Socio-economic development achievements and development potentials of Son La province", etc.

Accordingly, each province and city can participate in 1-4 booths displaying endemic fruit products and typical local OCOP products such as: Fresh agricultural products and processed agricultural products; products with ingredients from medicinal plants; products made from cotton, yarn, souvenir products, etc.

Nghe An has 4 booths with nearly 100 products of 7 participating enterprises and business households, including: Duc Phong Co., Ltd (Nghi Phu Industrial Park, Vinh City); Vietnam Algae Science and Technology Joint Stock Company (Quynh Luong Commune, Quynh Luu District); BOMETA Group Joint Stock Company (Hung Dong Commune, Vinh City); HASAPOOD Joint Stock Company (Minh Hop Commune, Quy Hop District);

Uncle Ho's hometown Sen Cooperative (Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district); Vinh Hoa Science and Technology Company Limited (Vinh Thanh Commune, Yen Thanh District); Chung Tai production facility of Vietnamese veal sausage (Hop Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district).


Many typical products of Nghe An such as: The teas of Uncle Ho's hometown Sen Cooperative, honey and herbs of BOMETA Group Joint Stock Company are interested and researched by people and customers

One of the new features of the OCOP Vietnam Fruit and Product Festival 2022 is the organization of an online stall to consume OCOP agricultural products and products on the Postmart e-commerce platform.

Currently, Nghe An has 942 ready-to-connect products; during the festival, Nghe An Post Office directly receives orders and delivers ordered products to customers./.

Hoang Minh

Source: Nghe An Newspaper (30 May 2022)